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Based in Alberta, ATCO is one of Canada's premier corporations. ATCO Group is a $22 billion enterprise with approximately 7,000 employees, engaged in Structures & Logistics, Electricity, Pipelines & Liquids, Commercial Real Estate and Retail Energy.

From the safe and reliable delivery of natural gas and electricity to providing modular housing and water infrastructure solutions, ATCO has a consistent record of quality service and products, customer satisfaction, an excellent safety record and sustainable growth for our share owners.

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Global Business Units

ATCO is a diversified global corporation that delivers service excellence and innovative business solutions through three vertically integrated global business units engaged in Structures & Logistics; Pipelines & Liquids; and Electricity ... Read more...



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Biography of Chair & CEO

Nancy Southern was appointed Chair & Chief Executive Officer, ATCO Ltd. and Canadian Utilities Limited effective December 1, 2012. Read more...


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Board of Directors

The ATCO Board is made up of 10 members including the Chair & CEO. Read more...



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Global Growth Highlights

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ATCO was founded in true entrepreneurial spirit in 1947. Read more...