Integrity & Compliance

For more than 65 years, ATCO has placed integrity at the heart of how our company does business all over the world. ATCO’s reputation is upheld everyday by the ethical actions of our employees. All members of the ATCO team are expected to know and follow the policies relevant to their role; speak up, ask questions and use good judgment.  


Reporting a Concern

ATCO provides a safe and secure environment for people to raise concerns. Concerns may be reported anonymously through the ATCO Integrity Line, a secure reporting system operated by a third-party service provider. The individual’s identity is protected ensuring their name, number or IP address will never be revealed. Concerns may be raised in the following ways:

North America: 1-844-810-2826
Australia: 1-800-238-497
Mexico:  01-800-062-2116

All other countries worldwide: 00-1-604-640-7831 (collect call)

Concerns may also be reported online at